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Unicult, Unicole Unicron: a Pop Star Cult Leader & the Power of Creating your Own Reality

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Unicult will guide you to a bright future

Digital Salvation, Consent-focused robot brothel, Crystals, Magic, Telepathy, Levitation & more

Founded in 2012 by Unicole Unicron, a Pop Star Cult Leader, Unicult is a new online religion where a group of people creates their own reality and dimensions.

Their aim is to find happiness, self-awareness, and joy through different studies and practices. From singing together to learn how to use crystals and magic.

What is real is that all religions were created, but how to create and start a new religion nowadays?

What we see as reality makes our own reality“, Unicole said.

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Creating a Religion, the Birth of Unicult

As Unicole explained in a recent interview, creating a religion takes years of studying, from classic religions to New Age books to Shamanism.

The founder of this new cult said the most important and life-changing book she read was about the Arcturians:

“A magnificent beings of love and light who have been my guardian angels for all of my life“.

Unicole is one of the many “Star people” o “Starseeds“, a New Age Belief born in the late Seventies.

Arcurians, as well as other Star people, come from Sci-fi books and the many races from Star Trek.

The term “star people” was taken from an existing Native American spiritual concept.

She was put on this planet by the Arcurians, to empowers others to bring joy and create new systems.

It seems these Arcturians are very intelligent creatures, they can exist in 4 dimensions but even up to 9 dimensions.

Some believe Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory is playing an Arcturian Starseed type.

Interested in Earth’s progress they have an ambassador on our Planet, El Ectarus.

Their goal is to heal the planet from the reptilian plague afflicting us.

If you want to know more about the fight going on under your nose read the book “How Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth: One Soul Or Millions At A Time“.

Or, ENCOUNTERS WITH STAR PEOPLE: Untold Stories of American Indians, for a more general introduction.

Star people Unicult Arcturians
Image by ArcturiinfoCC 3.0

What in Unicult?

So, what is Unicult? A New Age religion? An Art-Project? A Philosophy? A hybrid? Or just marketing?

Apparently, it is a bit of everything. First of all, there is a difference between Unicult and Unicultism.

” Unicult is a collaborative effort for anyone who wants to work towards the goal of creating a bright and hopeful future“.

Unicultism is what we can call religion, and consist of studying, meditating, and finally communicate with higher intelligences.

After watching the YouTube videos of the Cult, the Vice documentary, and reading the website, I don’t yet have a clear idea.

What I understand is that Unicult is individual-centred cult, everyone has value and their unique truth is important.

The awakening of ourselves occurs when we start seeing the world around us in a way that makes us feel good.

No matter how much mainstream society pressures you.

In that moment a process of healing starts, healing from the society expectations and the brainwashing.

This process is the only way possible to survive in this world.

This aspect of “belief makes real” and “create your own reality” is central in the Unicult teachings.

At the same time, here are no fixed beliefs; the members can decide to believe in what suite them and ignore other aspects.

So, I guess, you can believe in the power of crystals but not in the starseeds story, and still be part of the religion.

About the marketing, the only thing that looks a bit successful is the online shops where you can buy t-shirts, books, crystals, quartz dildos, and the course to become a Crystal master.

To become a member you have to fill an application and pay 11,11 USD.

Unicult Teachings & Rituals

Every Sunday Unicole is online, live-streaming what we can call a mass. It is, indeed, not a very different ritual: praying, preaching, and singing.

The main difference is that is online from Unicole living room. Sometimes there are people attending the ceremony but most of the time she is alone.

During her teaching, she talks about a variety of topics, philosophies, and personal experiences, for example when she went to discuss at the Galactic Federation.

She often talks about finding Joy as one of the most important things to conquer in life.

Not just a temporary joy but a constant state of mind. To get there you need to follow the “Steps on the Path to Joy“:

  • Cynism
  • Attention
  • Truth
  • Creation
  • Time and Dedication

Another important topic is Digital Salvation; technology makes us immortals, it has a lot of potentials but we must learn how to use it. Otherwise, Technology uses us.

Unicult is also interested in the robot rights and ethics.

In May 2019 she launched the project for the first consent-focused robot brothel in the world.

First consent-focused robot brothel in the world

Unicult became popular after launching an IndieGoGo campaign to open the first consent-focused robot brothel in the world.

The idea is not new, the first brothel with robot sex workers already exists, it opened in Barcelona, Spain in 2017.

What was different in the Unicult approach, was the consent-based idea.

Unicole Unicron thinks that, even if now Sex Robots are not sentient individuals, they’ll be in a close future.

Eve’s Robot Dreams will help build a world where robots are treated with the respect they deserve, thus not contributing to a potential robot rebellion in the future.

Unfortunately, the goal was not reached, Unicole only raised $2,659 USD, a 1% of the goal.

Probably, taking a Sex Robot for a date and have a conversation with it/her/he to get to know each other deeply is not really what the majority of people want when they go into a brothel.

The premium donation package “you are the First” (take a robot’s virginity for $10,000) was unsuccessful as well.

If you are interested in this topic read Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications.

Note: Unicole Unicron is Gender Neutral so she prefers to be referred at using the pronoun ze.

Have a look atThe Idealistic World of a Facebook Group Where We Are Ants“.

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