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Ryugyong Hotel – The Hollow Ghost of North Korea Failure

Ryugyong hotel doom Kim Jong un

Ryugyong Hotel – History, hi Construction, and Myth of the Hotel of Doom

300 meters above Pyeongyang stands the skeleton of North Korea’s wettest dream of grandeur – Ryugyong Hotel, the tallest ghost building in the world

Born in 1987 as a Cold War response to a South Korean Group building the 226-meter-tall Westin Stamford Hotel in Singapore, it’s the attempt by North Korea to prove its own engineers were capable of building on an even more grandiose scale.

Inside Ryugyong hotel

The Ryugyong consists of three triangular sections, each 100 meters long, converging at the summit, to form a pyramid. It is a gigantic building containing roughly 67 football fields of floor space.

At the top of the building is a 40-meter-tall, eight-floor, conical structure, which was supposed to house seven revolving restaurants.

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Ryugyong hotel Kim il sung

The plan was to open the Ryugyong in ’89, a relaxed ambiance of casinos, nightclubs, and luxury brothels.

Unfortunately, various economic crises and famine hit North Korea of the decades, so the building was never completed, standing in it’s full 105, totally empty, stories as a memento of the failures of the regime

In 2008, after 16 years of inactivity, the external glass was installed, relieving the inhabitants of Pyeongyang from the sight of the naked skeleton of the hotel, which earned it the nickname of “Hotel of Doom”.

Ryugyong hotel 2020

Il 2017, a led light show was installed, and now the Ryugyong enlightens the nights with colorful propaganda.

But its inside is still hollow.

Ryugyong hotel Construction

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