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Forgotten Gods Episode 1: Moloch – The God of Child Sacrifice

Moloch in Movies Sacrifice

Moloch: Biblical God-Demon demanding Child Sacrifice – Still worshipped today?

Once pretty popular in Palestine, the bull-headed Canaanite God Moloch was often represented as a huge iron cast hollow idol with fire inside and 7 openings.

The following sacrifices were offered to him during ceremonies, each of them being respectively burned alive through a designated opening:

  • wheat flour,
  • a dove,
  • a sheep,
  • a ram,
  • a calf,
  • an ox,
  • a human child.

The latter may seem irrelevant, but according to a long tradition, Moloch and Yahweh used to be the same God and the second eventually became a distinct one because of His disgust for human sacrifice.

The predilection for human meat is also the reason why many identify Moloch with Cronus and Baal Hammon.

Moloch starred in at least two movies, although not as protagonist, namely Cabiria (1914) and Metropolis (1927).

Judging from recent news, Moloch is lonely and hungry. If any of you is fond of iron casting, or dove and mammal breeding, please let us know.

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Let’s revive Happy Moloch Ceremonies!

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