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Meganeura Giant Dragonfly Carboniferous

Long-Gone Creatures [ep1] – Meganeura: the Largest Flying Insect Ever Existed

Meganeura Giant Dragonfly

Meganeura: the Giant Dragonfly from the Carboniferous Period

A Video Article w. Music by DICOFONE

A giant dragonfly with the Wingspan of an hawk, Up to 65 Cm.

The Meganeuropsis, ruled the skies during the Carboniferous period, before pterosaurs, birds, and bats had come in to existence.

Like today’s dragonflies, they could hover  in place like an helicopter, move in any direction in the blink of an eye, and even mate while flying.

They disappeared during the Permian/Triassic mass extinction, which wiped out 99% of earth’s species about 300 million years ago.

The name Meganeura comes from its nervous connections, unusually numerous for an insect.

What if they had an intelligence or even consciousness?

What if they transcended their physical form and are still around in aetheric state?

Meganeura – A videoclip with music by Dicofone

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Prehistoric Giant Dragonfly

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Our book recommendation about the Meganeura

Carboniferous Giants and Mass Extinction: The Late Paleozoic Ice Age World

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Meganeura Giant Dragonfly Carboniferous
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