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cyberpunk collage art
collage by @illuminatipropaganda

10 Mindblowing Contemporary Cyberpunk Artists You Never Heard Before

Some of the Best Cyberpunk Contemporary Artists that are Still Underground (But Not for Long)

Cyberpunk aesthetics is becoming increasingly popular today, maybe because it has been somehow prophetic.

Born as a literary style during the beginning of the computer age, Cyberpunk is a branch of science-fiction relating to dystopian futures.

Cyberpunk scenarios are usually depicted using a palette of reckless poverty, total social control, synthetic drugs, virtual reality, AI, cybernetics, bio-engineering, and more.

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Cyberpunk aesthetic
Original Artwork by IlluminatiPropaganda

A brief History of Cyberpunk and its major artists

Pioneers of the genre in literature have been acclaimed novelists such as Philip K. Dick, J. G. Ballard, and Philip José Farmer.

But it’s with William Gibson’s debut novel “Neuromancer” that the genre was “codified” in 1984 – curiously the same 1984 of Orwellian memory, the same year when the first graphical user interfaces computer, the Apple Macintosh computer, was released.

Cyberpunk comics, or graphic novels, were more or less contemporary – although Judge Dread was published earlier in 1977.

The film industry didn’t take long to understand the visual potential of cyberpunk scenarios, with Ridley Scott’s adaptation of a P.K. Dick novel in 1982 – Blade Runner.

That same year also Japanese cyberpunk was born, with Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, an opera which will influence the art of animation movies for the decades to come.

If you haven’t read or watch Akira, start from here

Akira, Vol. 1 ” by Katsuhiro Otomo

Akira, the Movie ” by Katsuhiro Otomo,

cyberpunk collage art
collage by @illuminatipropaganda

Cyberpunk Aesthetic in Contemporary Graphic Art

Starting in the 90s, video games, board games, and tabletop role-playing games, with cyberpunk settings have been booming – a trend that never stopped – thus allowing cyberpunk illustrators new sources of income and inspiration.

The evolution of computing has empowered graphic artists with tremendous 3D modeling tools, while the rapid changes in society have provided constant inspiration.

One of our favorite Cyberpunk Boardgames is

Android Netrunner ” the Card Game

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10 Great Underground Cyberpunk Artists to Follow

So there’s a lot of amazing cyberpunk artists out there, illustrators, photographers, sculptors… we just picked ten here.

We promise to write more posts about more specific cyberpunk niches in the future, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Vzewl – Canada

best cyberpunk artists

Vzewl, pronounced Visual, is quite mysterious. Behind the name it’s M apparently a couple from Toronto, Maya and Arnold/Redshift – although their website and Instagram profile feature some Japanese writing

Their art is a mix of 3D modeling, photography, and photo-editing – a grim, surreal, but at the same time realistic cyberpunk aesthetic where dark tints and greys are preponderant.

Follow Vzewl on Instagram

Inwardsound – Italy

cyberpunk city art

Italian 3D artist Inward is one of our absolute favourite. Cyberpunk landscaping and architecture at its best.

According to VisualAtelier8, “his works speak volumes through expansive imagery that seems to create a pleasant abyss for viewers to find themselves lost in.”

Inward Sounds is also a music producer with some good groove, check him out.

Follow Inward on Instagram

Ahmet Atil Akar – Turkey

cyberpunk riot resistance

Mechanical engineering, realistic photography. Cyberpunk apparel.

Ahmet Atil Akar is a mechanical engineer from Turkey mainly focusing on concept art, character, and mechanical design.

He elaborates cyberpunk aesthetics, with elements of fashion and techwear in a very original way, “he loves to create mechanic and dystopian dudes with both 2d and 3d software.”

Ahmet has recently collaborated with game companies, fashion brands & fashion trendsetters, DJs & producers, events agencies & music labels, and magazines.

Follow Ahmet Atil Akar on Instagram

Xsullo – USA

cyberpunk aesthetics morbid

Weirdly listed on Instagram as a clothing shop, Xsullo makes some of the most disturbing cyberpunk illustration we’ve come across in a while.

Nick Sullo is a Californian 3D artist and matte painter, he’s been working as a digital artist within the film industry for close to a decade, his work has been featured in productions such as Stranger Things and Iron Man 3.

A shocking visual aesthetic combining surrealism with morbid cyberpunk and techno-dystopian signifiers, all rendered with confident lines and fantastically vivid color palettes.

Check Xullo’s work on Instagram

Deino – Japan

japan cyberpunk artists

Kotaro Maeda, more commonly known by his username Deino, is a 3DCG artist, animator and PV producer known by his disturbing and menacing, yet interesting style.

His user name comes from the Greek word δεινός, which means ‘terrible,’ reflecting very well his art style, which often is labelled as “Nightmare Fuel.”

Deino uses all the elements of Japanese manga illustration, his work also includes sculptures in the form of action figures.

Follow Deino on Deviantart

Dangiuz – Italy

cyberpunk aesthetics

Leopoldo D’Angelo, Dangiuz, is a young (1995) Italian artist mixing Cyberpunk, vaporwave, and a bit of surrealism.

His work is of a high technical degree and always fascinating. Blue tones and neon lights for a quite immersive cyberpunk art.

Meet Dangiuz on Instagram

Ian Taylor (Denver, USA)

Something completely different is the style of American designer Ian Tayler.

His minimalism is dreamlike, while the color palette of pastel tints make futuristic cyberpunk designs look like child cartoons.

SImple lines and neat geometry give his work a completely different feeling compared to the other artists listed here… maybe some influence of Moebius?

Bakaarts – Germany

A bit retro, a bit Japanese, 27-year-old German artist Bartsy (bakaarts on insta) is another young and promising cyberpunk artist.

His style draws a lot from vintage sci-fi and Japanese cyberpunk anime, yet his work is very distinguishable and immersive, and the potential is enormous. Bartsy well deserves a place on this list.

Follow bakaarts on Instagram

Jung Park – South Korea

Jung began his career as a concept artist after attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, where he developed an interest in Illustration and Entertainment Design.

He is now a pretty affirmed 3D artist in the videogame industry, having worked on game titles such as Hawken, Guild Wars 2God of War III and God of War Ascension.

He is currently working at Sony Santa Monica Studio as a Lead Concept Artist, while also being director/ co-founder of Red Engine Studios. His illustration has also been featured in the worldwide famous card game Magic the Gathering.

Check Jung’s work on Instagram

Wang Xyaou – China

cyberpunk chinese art

Character designer and visionary artist, Shanghai-based sci-fi/cyberpunk artist Wang Xiaoyu won the first place in the 2D Category at the 2014 Blizzard challenge.

He’s also busy working in the bustling Chinese gaming industry, illustrating covers in many styles, but with a clear preponderance towards sci-fi themes. Another young artist worth following.

Enjoy Wang Xiaoyu work on Artstation

Our Suggested Cyberpunk Dystopian Graphic Novel

Attack on Titan” by Hajime Isayama

Tokyo Ghost” by Remender, Murphy and Hollingsworth

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