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7 Magic, Lost or Supernatural books you wish were on your nightstand

best supernatural books

Supernatural Books: Magic, Powers & Spells. Here the 7 Best Magic & Supernatural Books of All Time.

The boundless sea of learning is often overwhelming.

Many of us may feel lost along the seemingly endless path through the mountain of books ever published on Earth.

But not all books are born equal: some have magical powers, some are lost forever, some were simply written by supernatural entities.

This brief article will scratch the surface of this mystical world, introducing you to the 7 best magic supernatural books.

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1. The Book of Thoth: Forbidden knowledge of the Writer God

best magic supernatural books
Thoth, the Egyptian god who created the universe

The Egyptian God Thoth was indeed a prolific writer: according to historians, he wrote around 36,525 books.

In this brief survey, we will only talk about the one mentioned in Setne I.

Buried at the bottom of the Nile, this book allows its readers to understand animal speech, perceive God’s will through rituals, and survive Death.

After many people’s failed attempts, Prince Neferkaptah was the first man to get the book.

Gods killed his wife and son to punish his arrogance and, for this reason, he killed himself, being buried with it.

Generations later, another prince named Setne stole the book from his tomb, ignoring the warning by Neferkaptah wife’s ghost.

At this point, Gods made him fall into the illusion of meeting a beautiful woman convincing him to kill his children, to then wake him up.

Scared, Setne decided to put the book back in place, where it still is now.

Are you in for some Godly knowledge or too afraid to challenge His will?

Books on this topic: “The Book of Thoth” by Aleister Crowley, “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth-The-Atlantean” by Dr. Michael Doreal.

2. The Book of Enoch: Earth’s earliest account of alien abduction?

Ancient Aliens Books Enoch
Aert de Gelder, “The Baptism of Christ”, 1710

Enoch, Grand-Grandfather of Noah, is the shadiest of pre-flood Biblical Patriarchs, and the one who died youngest, at age 365.

The first part of the book based on his testimony begins with God sending Watchers (angel-like figures) on Earth to supervise humans.

The Watchers soon felt in love with human females, interbreeding with them.

They generated a mixed-race of violent giants, called Nephilim, who looted the Earth killing people by the thousands.

Moreover, the Watchers began teaching forbidden knowledge to humans like weapons, mirror production and sorcery, resulting in further chaos.

Enough is enough! Angered by the Watchers’ hubris, God imprisoned all of them, annihilating Nephilim through the Great Flood.

In the second part of the Book, Enoch describes the travels to Heaven he made before death with the guidance of the Watchers.

He depicts a Sky House where he acknowledged the Glory of God and testifies the advanced teachings he received there about Astronomy, Earth Science and enchantments.

Only Tewahedo Churches include the Book of Enoch in the Bible, while Mauro Biglino considers it one of the many accounts of Human-Alien interaction in ancient literature.

Books on this topic: “The Book of Enoch” by Enoch, Horn, et al., “Enoch The Ethiopian: The Lost Prophet of the Bible” by Indus Khamit Kush.

3. The Arzhang: Masterpiece of the Painting Prophet

Four Prophets of Manicheism Supernatural Books
The Four Prophets of Manicheism: Mani, Zoroaster, Buddha and Jesus

Mani, the 3rd century Mesopotamian prophet of the forgotten religion bearing his name (Manicheism), was by no means an ordinary guy.

He successfully merged Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism and established a solid base of followers by performing miracles like levitation, teleporting and healing.

Surprisingly, he was also a brilliant painter.

His masterpiece, named Arzhang, was a divinely-inspired illustrated book on the Creation of the World whose original version is lost forever.

Instead, the religious picture-based teaching methods originated from this book live on, transmitted by Buddhist preachers, and spread as far as Japan.

Books on this topic: “Explaining Pictures: Buddhist Propaganda and Etoki Storytelling in Japan” by Ikumi Kaminishi.

4. The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum: Daemonic Evocation for Dummies

Grimoires book of spells
El Libro Magico de San Cipriano, spells, rituals and prayers.

The History of Literature is packed with thousand Books of Spells, also called Grimoires, teaching initiates a wide array of Magic Knowledge.

For its wide availability and the simplicity of spells, we choose for this survey the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, as presented by Johann Weyer in 1577.

The book is copied from earlier unknown sources and lists 69 different demons, their legions and their superpowers.

For instance, Zagan can turn water into wine (and vice versa!), Berith can turn any metal into gold, Ipos can see the future, while others have great knowledge or thirst for destruction.

They can be summoned by a group of friends only during specific times of the day after three or four days of abstinence, calling their names and holding a ring in the hand, after reciting a prayer.

We haven’t tried yet, but let us know about your progresses.

Books on this topic: “The False Hierarchy of Demons: Illustrated English Translation of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” by J. Weyer, M. Coles, G.Mangialardi, “Daemonologie: A Critical Edition” by King James.

5. The Golden Plates: Angelic Source of the Book of Mormon

angel moroni
The Angel Moroni, known as prophet-warrior Moroni in the Book of Mormon

The Latter Day Saint Movement, a 16 million followers Christian movement, bases its teaching on the Book of Mormon, written by their Prophet Joseph Smith in the 1820s.

The Book of Mormon is the English translation of the Golden Plates, a book made of Gold.

Smith found the book in New York State countryside through the directions of the Angel Moroni.

Written in “Reformed Egyptian” by prophets who lived in the Americas between 2200 bC to aD 421, only Smith was able to translate it by reading it through a special type of stone.

Nobody but Smith and 11 witnesses has ever seen the Golden Plates, dealing with Christian themes and the Biblical Israel origin of American People, among many others.

I know! The more I talk, the more you want to get your hands on the Golden Plates.

I am sorry to tell you that Smith had to give them back to Moroni after he completed the translation.

Books on this topic: “Angel Moroni: An Unpublished History of Mormonism” by Ric Quayle, “The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ” by Grant Hardy.

6. Galdrabok: Spells from the Dark North

spells books
Photo by PxHere

The spread of Christianity resulted in the oblivion of previous religions in most countries of the world, but not all that knowledge was lost.

In Iceland, most of it survived the ages by being transmitted through Spell Books.

The most famous of such books is the 17th-century Galdrabok, one of the Best Supernatural Books, containing 47 spells and various Galdstrafir, or magical symbols.

The interesting thing about Galdrabok is that its invocations seek help invariably from demons, Christian saints, and prophets or Norse Gods.

The Galdrabok lists a wide array of spells: some are healing or protective, others are meant to harm enemies, seduce women, or even cause flatulence.

If you are interested in gaining such powers, the Galdrabok can be found indexed under ATA ÄMB2 in the Royal Antiquarian-topographic archive in 43, Storgatan Street, Stockholm.

Books on this topic: “The Galdrabók” by Stephen E. Flowers, “Icelandic Magic: Practical Secrets of the Northern Grimoires” by Michael Moynihan.

7. Book of Baize: The Benevolent Demon

Lost Books Chinese Mythology
Portrait of the Bai Ze by Gusukuma Seihō

Chinese Mythology abounds with mystical creatures, some of which are now famous in the four corners of the World.

Some are benevolent and some are incredibly evil.

But only one was patient enough to tell humans about 11,520 types of supernatural creatures and how to deal with them.

We are talking about the Bai Ze (白泽), a bearded creature with lion/goat body and multiple eyes.

Bai Ze met with the Yellow Emperor 5000 years ago, sharing his knowledge with him.

The book resulting from this lucky encounter was a huge success, spreading as far as Japan, but it is now lost forever in its entirety…

…Unless you found it somewhere! In this case, please contact us, we will take good care of it.

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