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ascended master jesus sananda kumara

Master Jesus Sananda, the Ascended World Teacher & the Spiritual Hierarchy

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Ascended Master Jesus Sananda Kumara: The New Scriptures.

Kathryn E May channeling messages from the World Teacher of Great White Brotherhood

When Master Jesus was here on Earth some 2000 years ago his mission was to bring us the message of love. Unfortunately, his message was not always transmitted as intended, but he’s now back to rectify the wrong done in His name.

What many might not know is that Christ is only one of the many incarnations of the Ascended Master Jesus Sananda, the World Teacher, and member of the Great White Brotherhood, at least according to a popular line of spiritual teachings.

It is a line that goes from the Kabbala, passes through the Tibetan Kanjur, Trismegistus, Jakob Böhme… before arriving to the occultism of Blavatsky and from there reaching until nowadays… very important days, the Age of the Aquarius.

This line of teaching is now known as “the Ascended Masters Teachings”.

This era is so important that Master Jesus Sananda decided its time to speak to us again in person, through his New Scriptures, released in 2014 to some obscure lightworker in the USA.

Confused? Let’s proceed with an order

Blavatsky Theosophy art

The Origins of The Ascended Master Teachings

Students of Ascended Master Teachings organizations (also known as Ascended Master Activities) believe that their doctrine has been given to humanity by the Ascended Masters, individuals believed to have lived in physical bodies, acquired the wisdom and mastery needed to become immortal and free of the cycles of “re-embodiment” and karma, and have attained their “ascension”, a state of “one-ness” with God. This knowledge is believed to have previously been taught for millions of years only within “Ascended master retreats” and “Mystery schools”.

European esoterism and occultism, a line of study and teachings that goes as deep as you can dig, traversed an especially fecund period between the late 19th century and 30s of the 20th.

The one who first identified the 20 Masters of the Ancient Wisdom was the founder of Theosophical Society Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who didn’t just read lost undecipherable books, but also had multiple direct contacts with them around 1880.

Among them are:

  • Christ (The Master Jesus)
  • Comte de St. Germain
  • Djwhal Khul
  • Gautama Buddha
  • The Master Koot Hoomi
  • Krishna
  • Maitreya Buddha

The term “Ascended Master” was first used by Baird T. Spalding in 1924 in his series of books, “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East“, Godfre Ray King further popularized this concept in his book “Unveiled Mysteries” (1934).

elizabeth clare prophet
Elizabeth Clare prophet

The “I AM” Movement and the Birth of Mystery Schools

The “I AM” Movement was founded by Guy Ballard and had up to 1 million followers in 1938. It is still active today, separated in several obscure sects.

The term “I AM” is a reference to the ancient Sanskrit mantra “So Ham“, meaning “I Am that I Am”.

Ballard died in 1939 and in 1942 his wife and son were convicted of fraud, a conviction which was overturned by the Supreme Court.

This event has been known as the determinant to establish freedom of religion and belief rights in the United States of America.

Amongst the many Schools of Mystery coming from the I Am Movement are:

The main organization is still the Saint Germain Foundation, founded by Ballard’s wife headquarters is located in Illinois, with about 300 local groups spread worldwide.

As of 2007, the organization states that its purpose is “spiritual, educational and practical“, and that no admission fee is charged for their activities.

A more modern form of the teachings, which did not rely on “channeled” messages, was given by a former associate of Godfrey Ray King, Pearl Dorris, in California, from the 70s to the 90s.

See her biography:
Lady Master Pearl, My Teacher by Peter Mt. Shasta,

Also the book she is said to have helped channel
Step by Step: Ascended Master Discourses

master jesus sananda kumara
Two Jesus

The New Scriptures – The Alleged Word of Master Jesus

The New Scriptures first appeared in 2014 on the website (now expired).

The owner Dr. Kathryn E. May, who also calls herself Pallas Athena, said to have channeled them as a direct message from Master Jesus Sananda to Lord Ashtar, the commander of the Great White Brotherhood Starfleet (yes, they do have a Starfleet).

The New Scriptures originally consisting of 24 chapters, has been revised in 2019 and compressed into 6 chapter on

The original version is available on by Koshima, there’s also a video version here

born in 1970, one within the first wave of Indigo Children. Being a Starchild with my origins from Sirius.

In the new scriptures Master Jesus gets political, directly attacking corporations, governments, and even the Catholic Church, but to understand them properly we have to make a leap backward.

Note that the many Ascended Master sects disagree on several details of this story, each having its own unique version.

buddy chirst asceneded master

Who is Master Jesus Sananda

The man we know as Jesus of Nazareth is one of the most important among the 20 (some say hundreds) of Ascended Masters, spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual evolutions.

Jesus was one of the guardians who came from Venus.

Jesus, also known as Sananda Kumara, had seven Earth incarnations:
Sananda Kumara, Melchizedek, Zoroaster, King Tutankhamen, Shem, (son of Noah), Jesus the Christ and the King of Swords (KOS).

world teacher
Mary saving baby Jesus from Herod by bringing him to Egypt on a anti-gravitational vehicle

The real history of Master Sananda in His Jesus Incarnation

When King Herod had ordered the killing of all male children, age 2 and under, Jesus’ family had traveled on Land Speeders (light anti-gravity vehicles) in underground tunnels and escaped in Egypt.

As a small child, Jesus attended classes in the Temple at Karnak before returning to the land of His birth.

After Jeshu (Jesus) and Magdalene had their first child, a daughter named Sarah, (a past life of Lady Diana), they went to Mt. Carmel.

Here there used to be an entrance to the underground Kingdom of Agharta were they met with Matreya (the highest entity in the spiritual hierarchy) to discuss Jesus’ death and Ascension.

Lord Maitreya, who Jesus calls “Father,” was Jesus’ Guru and Teacher

According to some versions, two souls played the role of two Jesus. One was not the full template of Sananda Kumara, but only 9/12th of his energy.

This is the One who challenged the authorities who were trying to control Earth… the Romans, the Jews, and others.

This is the One who married Mary Magdalene, had five children and then escaped to France. Breaking the gag order and challenging the Dark Ones – He was never crucified.

The second Jesus was instead a full template 12/12 of Sananda Kumara incarnate on Earth.

This is the One who was the traveler. He traveled all over the world teaching the Mysteries and was called the White Prophet.

He came back and played out the end of the story, crucifixion and everything.

Elizabeth Clair Prophet Ascended Masters Teachings
Elizabeth Clair Prophet

Master Jesus Sananda – World Teacher or Master of the 6th Ray?

It is believed by Ascended Master Teachings organizations that the Master Jesus was “Chohan of the Sixth Ray” until December 31, 1959, when, according to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lady Master Nada (Mary Magdalene) fully took on that Office in the Spiritual Hierarchy.

According to the Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Jesus became World Teacher, along with Kuthumi, on January 1, 1956, succeeding Maitreya, who took the Office of “Planetary Buddha” and “Cosmic Christ”.

This belief is not accepted by adherents of traditional Theosophy – they believe Master Jesus is still the Chohan of the Sixth Ray and that Maitreya is still the World Teacher.

According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Prophet of the Church Universal and Triumphant, the largest Ascended Master Teachings religion, the Master Jesus incarnated twice as the Emperor of Atlantis, once in 33,050 BC and again in 15,000 BC.

She states that this was to aid the white magicians in the war against the black magicians that was going on in Atlantis at that time.

great white brotherhood of light

Jesus Sananda Kumara’s New Scriptures

Let’s examine the New Scriptures more closely. They start with this announcement:

Delivered by Lord Ashtar, Transcribed by Pallas Athena, September 7 2014

“I Am Lord Ashtar, Commander of The New Jerusalem, Who Serves The Most Radiant One (the Christ/Sananda) In His Mission of Love.

“Greetings, Beloved Family. It is my pleasure to take this moment in your time to inform you of a long-overdue message about our beloved brother, Master Jesus/Jeshu/Sananda

New Scriptures: Chapter 1 – The Lesson of ONE

In the first chapter Master Jesus gets pretty political. He talks of the Great White Brotherhood’s struggle against the Illuminati/Dark Ones to free all from the grip of economic slavery.

the hidden power structures that secretly and overwhelmingly controlled the financial and political systems on Earth. One such example is the Vatican Bank.

New Scriptures

He blames the Catholic Church, which he says has been the most powerful and consolidated political force on the Planet. He commands

the complete dismantling of the Church in all its pomp and wealth. It will also mean the end of the psychological and religious stranglehold it has had on its people.

He claims he would never have supported the establishment of any large organization which called itself “Christian”.

He was opposed to the building of great temples and the spreading of teachings designed to enslave the thinking and behavior of any of his students.

Another good news is that all Human Beings possess the innate ability to communicate telepathically with the Ascended Masters and even with their Ancestors.

landspeeder mary magdalene
Mary escaping to Karnak on a Landspeeder to save baby Jesus from Herod, a powerful female figure

Chapter 2 – The True Way

The second chapter gets more theological, Jesus Sananda and the Prime Creators worked for eons on developing the “Plan for Planet Earth“.

The plan consists of making all the humans, and the planet Herself (considered as an entity) to descend into lower vibrations, into the 4th dimension.

For humankind to experience real Free Will and practice Co-creation with the Ascended Masters, each of us has to get ready for this “Shift” which will mark the end to divisiveness, duality, separation, and alienation.

Master Jesus Sananda Kumara says:

there is no one True Religion at this time on Planet Earth.

There are many truths and many falsehoods in every religion, from Christianity to Islam, from Buddhism to Hinduism, from distorted New Age views to the tribal belief systems of the most remote forests and mountains (although some of those come closer to Truth through their simple acceptance of God in themselves and in every living thing)

He then uses the figure of Magdalen to explain how the evil forces (including the Catholics) started the War of Sexes.

Mary Magdalene was an Earth incarnated soul-extension of Lady Nada who is Sananda’s Eternal Partner/Twin Soul in the Higher Spheres.

The church decision to wipe her existence out of the minds of the people, and to discredit the female gender, was aimed at weakening human bonds thus making people more vulnerable and dependent on governments and religious institutions. Dividi et Impera.

Master Jesus also has some words about alternative styles of love, such as homosexual love and polyamory.

your choice of lifestyle, in terms of who your intimate partnerships are, has nothing to do with your devotion to God, except in the quality of the Love.

Only Humans under the influence of dark energies are interested in envisioning punishment and suffering for so-called “sins”. God does not even consider such things.

The elimination of all religious structures, other than perhaps gathering places, is therefore a must.

master jesus sananda kumara

Chapter 3 – God Does Not Punish

Jesus makes clear that prayer, intended as asking the gods for help or forgiveness, is a worthless and empty act.

We do not interfere in your lives, even when things go badly, or when you indulge in what you might call criminal behavior or destructive actions […]
If we were to intervene to prevent the pain or challenges you experience here, we would be breaking the first Universal Law which is upheld by Creator, that of non-intervention by one who has power or influence over others.

Human Beings on the 3rd Dimensional Earth plane have Free Will.

We celebrate your independent growth and exploration. We do not wish to suppress or to limit your discoveries or your learning opportunities. […] we understand that all explorers will experience mistakes, mishaps, accidents and even deliberate deviations from what would serve the “Greater Good”.

Even the “Dark Ones” won’t be judged. They are welcomed back into the light if they desire. If not, they may eventually request to be uncreated, their molecules dispersed into the All That Is.

But now Jesus goes into some thrilling revelations

The gender, environmental conditions and challenges you were to experience here were planned by you, your Higher Self, during your sojourn with us in the Higher Dimensions.

It is your ancestral self that planned the obstacles on your path, to achieve spiritual growth.

Gaia, the Soul of Mother Earth, has recently Ascended to the 5th Dimension, and you too are expected soon.

jesus alien federation of light

Chapter FourTruth Replaces War: Worldwide Transparency and Disclosure Are Immanent

Here Master Jesus Sananda Kumara talks a lot about aliens and our genetic relationships with our Star Brothers and Sisters.

This is the most controversial part of the scriptures, as there’s no mention of this in Theosophy.

Two thousand years ago, I could not speak so directly about these truths …] all reference to these things was removed from my Teachings.

The deletion of all information about our Galactic Family was an attempt to make Humankind believe we are isolated and alone in the Universe.

The E.T. contacts have been frequent in recent years, and there have been a number of cases where “Alien” (better referred to as “Galactic” or “Cosmic”) technologies that were offered to humankind were co-opted by the “Dark Ones” rather than being used for the Good of All.

Greys and Reptilians wished to achieve a complete takeover of the Planet. The Dark Ones on the ground were influenced by them – those they called the “Archon Alliance” or the “Dark Cabal”, but

When Truth Is Revealed, War Becomes Unsustainable and Obsolete

Jesus says

The days of war – war over religion; wars of ideology, based in hatred of others; wars of greed – will no longer be permitted.

War itself is never justifiable. Wars on the Planet were deliberately instigated to profit the Ones in Power, and especially the Ones behind the Ones in Power

It was not a difficult leap of intuition for the Leaders to understand that all they needed to do to control their “Flock” was to limit their resources and inform them that it was the Immigrants, the Jews, the Women, the Blacks, the Armenians or the Shiites who were to blame.

Yes, you have been the targets of massive mind-control and social-control experiments. 

Jesus Sananda goes on blaming the corporations and the mass media on their payroll. But they can’t win, because

Ascension Means Total Healing and Restoration – And It Is in Progress Now! it is not an Afterlife; it is Life Eternal.

We will travel to the 4th and 5th Dimension without the death of the body, being able to make changes in its appearance, size, shape, and even gender.

acturians galactic federation white brotherhood

Chapter Five – Awaken, Heal, Unify. Every Day the Veil Is Thinning

This chapter explains why today’s events on earth are historic for the whole multiverse

All the Multiverse is connected. All is One, therefore anything that happens anywhere – in any Dimension, along any Timeline – has a ripple effect on all other Beings and events, changes the trajectory of a Timeline for other Beings and Planets as well. We are so interconnected that a decision made on Venus or a collective choice made on Arcturus all have an effect on Earth.

The imminent ascension of the whole humanity into the 4th and 5th dimension will cause a huge butterfly effect in the whole multiverse.

Though the ascension of a whole race seems like a tough task, Sananda Kumara reinsures us that we do have the best back-up.

Your Higher Dimension Guides are a Team of advanced and Galactic Federation of Light (The Great White Brotherhood) specialists, Arcturian Healers, members of your Galactic and Soul Family, and your Body Elemental.

Your Body Elemental is a Being of tremendous Light, who remains with you throughout all of your Earth incarnations. Your Body Elemental is freed from this tremendous service once you Ascend.

Your Beloved Twin Flame, also known as your Twin Soul, participates closely in your on-going healing as well.

Reptilian race
Reptilians being dissolved as souls

Chapter Six – The Ascension Plan

I did not come to our Beloved Planet Earth to die for anyone’s sins. That is a nonsensical idea

The final chapter is the most dubious of the whole scriptures, the declaration of Jesus Sananda is shocking and honestly hard to believe.

He says the Reptilian Race, which controlled the media and all the other important institutions on the Planet, were not capable of Ascending higher than the lower Astral Planes of the 4th Dimension, was living as followers of the imaginary Being called the “Devil”, or Satan – but

The Reptilians and other Dark Entities are now gone from the Planet, as of August 22, 2013. There was a Great Ceremony in which they were given the alternative to go to the “Light” or be dissolved as Souls. Nearly a million of them were rescued

The implications of this dramatic ending – the true Apocalypse – has just begun to be felt across the Planet.

It will unfold gradually, as people awaken to the knowledge that they are no longer living under massive oppression.

Master Jesus Sananda Kumara announces that a democratically governed multidimensional place beyond time and space is clear and sharp on our close horizon. 

Ascended Master Teachings

The 8 Tenets from Kathryn E. May’s Channeling of the New Scriptures

Commander Ashtar of the Great Intergalactic Fleet has summarised Master Jesus Sananda Kumara new scriptures in 8 tenets, for the laziest of you:

1. God does not punish, and neither do I. We see punishment as cruel, unacceptable and ineffective.

2. There is no place, Hell. You create your own life and the conditions of your afterlife by your own actions and efforts during your lifetimes on Earth and elsewhere.

3. There is One Prime Creator, the One we refer to as The Father of Creation. He does not require that anyone worship him/her. He is the Creator of all Creators, the God’s God, as you might say. He is One, and he is not male or female.

4. Prime Creator is the beginning and the Source of all. He created me, and he created the one you also refer to as your personal God, the Mother/Father God who are the Creators of the Milky Way Galaxy. They are One, and they are both male and female.

5. Mother/Father God has been known by many names: Yahway, Jehova, Allah, Shiva, Alcyone, Mother Sekhmet, Zorra, and Saraya to name a few. Notice that most of these names are male. This will change, to reflect the truth of their equality.

6. I do not think of myself as your Savior, and I do not wish to be worshipped. I am the one who is here to guide and oversee the Ascension of all humankind of Planet Earth […] regardless of what religious practices they have aligned within the past.

7. Mother/Father God and I, along with all humankind, designed this Earth Project which was to allow the greatest possible opportunity for growth as souls – those souls who are the children of Mother/Father God as well as others who come from other planets and galaxies to experience the challenging learning environment which is life on Planet Earth.

8. God is Love. I am Love. Compassion, Forgiveness, Hope, Harmony and Joy are Love. When you feel and act on these feelings, you are One with Us, and We are One with You.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ascended Masters

Who Are the Lightworkers?

Lightworkers are living humans that awoke through the Ascended Masters teachings or automously. They are the Family on the ground, the Healers, whose mission is to help humanity ascend. They conduct sessions across the Globe, at retreats and through the Internet. They provide “the Power of Intention.”

What is the Spiritual Hierarchy?

The Ascended Mater Teachings asset the existence of a hierarchy among the Ascended Masters. It is composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom (Fifth Initiation), Ascended Masters (Sixth Initiation), Chohans and Bodhisattvas (Seventh Initiation), Buddhas (Eighth Initiation), World Teacher or Lord of the World (9th Initiation) – Different sects disagree on denominations and number of Initiation levels.

Who is Sanat Kumara?

Sanat Kumara is an “advanced being” of the Ninth Initiation (the highest Initiation possible on planet Earth) who is regarded as the Lord or Regent of Earth and of humanity, and the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. He dwells in Shamballah, a city said by Theosophists and some Ascended Master Teachings to be a floating city on the etheric plane above the Gobi Desert. According to some more modern teachings, he is the Ascended Master who was Jesus of Nazareth – His home is since then been a Federation of Light spaceship. He is sometimes depicted as a 16-year-old boy.

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