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The Idealistic World of a Facebook Group Where We Are Ants

Have you ever imagined to be an ant in a million ants colony? I haven’t but I am now one of them and I am going to tell you our story.

I am one of the 1.200.00 ants in the colony, to be precise. In August 2019, our colony only had 35.000 members and then something happened.

May be the election of our new queen after the previews one committed treason, or the fact that humans are locked and spend more time watching our fascinating world.

Anyway, I will try to explain you our world and ethics; we are not racist, we are not sexist, we include everyone, our election process is democratic and only based on ant appeal, we don’t colonize any other colony.

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And not only that, we are showing you your present, past and future. You are stocking up food but you don’t really know how to do it properly, we do. Since millions of years. We search, and find, and lift.

We don’t complain, never. We work. We don’t discuss the leadership or the rules, we obey.

Indeed, failing to address The Queen in capital letters will result in your expulsion from the colony.

Basically, we work for someone else until we die. But we also cooperate to build bridges, carry food, and save our colony from natural disasters, humans included.

We have something in common, don’t we?

Our principles are the heart of our Colony Anthem “Message from the Queen”. You can and should listen to it here:

To know more about our plans watch the brilliAnt satire science fiction called Braindead.

You are free to visit our colony here, at your own risk.

If you don’t want to be an ant you can join the Facebook group a group where we all pretend to be inmates or guards or A group where we all pretend to be Bees or A group where we all pretend to be roommates.

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